Monday, August 1, 2011

These Boots Are Made For Walking...

I love boots. I love to wear boots. I love it when my man wears boots. I like the way they look, the way they feel, and how warm they are in winter.

I am from Texas, after all, and have been wearing them most of my life. I have several pair of fashion boots, and some western boots I truly love.

Here are some of my fave western boots:
Choco-heart boots. Love the color and design. Easy to match with a lot of my outfits.

Zebra print stingray boots. I haven't worn these out yet, but I love the wildness of them. There are some zebras in a field near us- I wonder if they will whinny in recognition if they see me in them.

Monet-inspired rain boots. These are just rain boots, but it's not often you see western style boots with a Monet pattern on them. They are fun to wear when I'm in a colorful mood.

Turquoise cut-out boots. These look great with some of the big turquoise/silver jewelry I have.

The Rojos. I've saved my favorite ones for last. Mr. Tejano just got these for me as an early anniversary present. We are going to San Antonio for the weekend and I can't wait to wear them. I love their color and how tall they are. They are so comfortable I think I could run a race in them.

I an trying to decide on a new pair, between these:

Grace boots

and these:

Milagros boots
I know they're a little out of the box for western boots, but I'm a little out of the box myself. Anyone have any opinions on these two that could help me make up my mind?

Any other boot wearers out there? What kind of boots do you like to wear?


  1. oh i LOVE the milagros boots - i think i'm lusting over them right now. if i got them, i'd sleep with them for a while. *wiping the drool from my chin*

    i have some of my late father-in-law's boots and my oldest dd and i fight over them. i LOVE boots!!

    ~ jannet

  2. I'm completely out of my element here, dear Shelly. I'm a city slicker who never wore boots or any other western wear, never knew a woman who wore them, and basically knew nothing about them... until now. These boots are beautiful. I had no idea they are available in various prints. (Shows how little I know.) I will let the other boot wearers weigh in on which pair you should buy and simply take this opportunity to wish you and your lucky mister a very happy anniversary celebration in San Anton!

  3. I also like the Milagros boots, I like that they are lower.

    I don't own any boots, except winter boots.
    I really like all your boots though--it really tells and shows your colorful personality and that you are a visual person!

    Have fun in San Antonio, Happy Anniversary!

  4. Jannet: That's how I felt about my red ones- I would have slept in them if my husband wouldn't have objected! And, I"m leaning towards the Milagros, too.

    Shady: Boot wearing for women here wasn't too fashionable until about 7 years or so ago and it's really taken off. It's considered very chic to wear them with jeans, skirts, and dresses. Admittedly, they are a lot fancier than they used to be, but they also cost a lot more than they used to! Thank you for the good wishes- hope your week is terrific, too, my friend!

    Jamie Jo: I really do think I like the Milgros, too. If we had snow here, I couldn't be wearing the boots I do in the winter, but we don't, so I just need them for warmth. Thank you for the sweet wishes! San Antonio is a great place to visit-

  5. Your post reminds me of when I lived in Calgary, Alberta. Everyone wore cowboy boots there. My first husband loved them as he said cowboy boots are so comfortable.
    I love the ones you own, they are beautiful. Of the last two, I think I like the Milagros ones the best.

  6. OH MY GOSH! I KNEW we were soul sisters! I ADORE boots! AAAA DORE!!!! I say you just buy them both. You know you'll wear them.

    My husband gives me such a hard time because I can never ever get enough of BOOTS. I have trillions of them!


    (If I HAD to choose I would go with the Grace boots. They're a lot of fun.)

  7. Belle: My husband loves his boots, too. In fact, he only owns boots or athletic shoes. He says the same thing- boots are almost as comfortable as going barefoot!

    Crystal: Yeaaaa!!!!! Another boot fanatic! I am going to have to make more room in my closet if I get another pair. I can't bear to let them go when they get old, either. They are like trusted members of my family. Boot power!!!

  8. I have always been a big rodeo fan but have never had western wear myself. Looks great though.

  9. Odie: Thanks, and rodeos are the bomb! Have a good week, my friend-

  10. I love the rojos too! I'll bet they do all sorts of walkin' when Nancy Sinatra gets singin'! I had to retire my favorite pair of western boots when my feet grew a size after a few pregnancies. It was a sad day. But I do love boots. I'm average height so I love any heel that gives me a boost! One of my favorite sounds in the world? The sound of boots walking on a boardwalk. Happy Anniversary!

  11. Felt Family: My feet got bigger, too, after my pregnancies- hated that! I'm 5'9" and I love things that make me taller, as well. I will certainly enjoy wearing those rojos on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Thank you so much for the kind wishes!


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