Sunday, November 6, 2011

The F Word


I just can't get it out. Let me try again. F..ff-ffffff...

I really don't use the F word, but let me try one more time.

OK. Deep breath.

Here it comes.


There, I said it! I am a newly minted member of the Fifty club, as of today. Really, it's not so bad. I am fit, healthy, have a husband I am madly in love with and who loves me equally, great kids and a rewarding job. I am loved by God, my family, and my friends. Life is pretty amazing from my perspective. We had a wondeful birthdaypalooza weekend, as my older daughter's 25th birthday was yesterday and she drove down with her boyfriend to celebrate it with all of us.

I wasn't going to tell my age on a large scale to people, but I am truly comfortable with it, like a favorite pair of jeans. It's what I am, and I'm happy to be that. One of my friends even joked I should tell people I was 60 so they'd think I look good for my age, but I am flat dab gobsmacked to be where I am.

In my fifties, I am going to:

*Retire from one career and start another
*Overcome my crazy fear of heights and bungee jump
*Run a full marathon
*Do something to help impoverished kids in this country live in decent housing
*Learn another language
*Learn to play another instrument

I've received so many well wishes today that I want to pass some on to you, my blogging friends. I've come to think of you all as my extended family. This is an Irish blessing I sincerely pray and hope for each of you:

“May your days be many and your troubles be few. May all God's blessings descend upon you. May peace be within you and may your heart be strong. May you find what you're seeking wherever you roam.”

Thank you, friends, for taking me in and letting me be part of your lives. I consider myself truly blessed to know each of you.

What do you want to do in this decade of your life you've never done before?


  1. Happy birthday to you, dear Shelly! Happy birthday also to your daughter! With a winning attitude like yours you'll live to be a hundred and fifty. If you are willing to accept the sage advice of someone who is old enough to be your fath.. uh... your older brother...(62 year old me), then I urge you to keep thinking young. Stay active and fit, stay in the game, stay fascinated with the world, stay connected to people. As James Brown sang, "get up, get into it, get involved." You are loved, Shelly. Please know that. I love you as a blog friend and that's as real and as powerful as it gets. Congratulations on this milestone. I wish you an exciting and rewarding decade ahead!

  2. Shady: You are one of the reasons I love blogging so much because there's folks like you here.

    I hope I only age, but never grow old, as I suspect you already know. I am actively working to make this decade the best yet, and so appreciate all your support and good wishes, dear friend!

  3. Happy Birthday Shelly! I am approaching 60 in a couple of years and I've learned that 50, 60, 30 - they're all just numbers. What matters is your attitude and perspective. If you can manage to keep things fresh by being interested in all that goes on around you, then you'll never be crabby and old. My grandma was 99 - a few months shy of 100 - when she passed in April. I've never known anyone more full of life and enthusiasm than her, which is why she's always been such an example to me.
    My goals for the next decade are to spend more time developing my artistic and musical talents, and to devote more time and effort into keeping fit. In addition to traveling with my husband to spend time with our family that is spread out all over the country! I loved your goals - such good ones!

  4. Karen: Thank you so much! You are so right- and as I get older, I understand that better and better. Your grandma sounds like my kind of woman!

    Your goals are wonderful, and so constructive. All the best!

  5. OH, happy birthday and God bless you!!!

    I love being in my 40's and have heard the 50's are even better--love it and enjoy it, celebrate the life God gave you!! (I know you do)

    My short list for right now is to have this baby!!!!

  6. Jamie: Thank you so much- I love those blessings! And I can fully empathize with your short list goal for now- that is going to be a wonderful day! Take care of yourself-

  7. Happy Birthday to you and your daughter. You have an excellent attitude towards age which will help you enjoy each decade. I'm enjoying my sixties and I know you will love your fifties. I'm with Karen ages are just numbers and the longer we are here the more we learn and grow as a person. I learn so much each year!

    I also appreciate and love my blogging friends. I did not know this would happen when I started blogging, but it did. There is much goodness and love in the blogging world. God bless.

  8. Belle: how sweet of you- thank you! Life gets richer and richer if we only let it.

    I am so glad I found this blogging adventure- truly I couldn't imagine life without it now.

  9. Happy birthday to you Shelly and belated birthday wishes to your daughter!! I think you have wonderful things you want to accomplish in your 50's and I think you will do each and every one of them!! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!!


  10. Betty: Thank you and I will pass them on to my daughter, as well. You are so kind!

  11. Happy Fffffiftieth birthday! Sounds like you've made some wonderful plans.

  12. Happy Birthday♡♡♡
    Lovely post for celebration of your Fffffiftieth birthday.
    Wow, you have made plans which are really like you I know through your post. I really respect your wish for bungee jump and full marathon!!! And other ones also wonderful. Good Luck☆

    And Thank you very much for the blessing, lovely being friend with you.

    Love and Lots of Hugs to you, Orchid*

  13. Happy Birthday. It's good to hear that 50 isn't so painful as I am heading in that direction! I love all your plans but you'd never get me to bungee jump, no how, no when, no where!!!! lol

  14. Missed Periods: Thank you! They will be fun, that's for sure-

    Orchid: Thank you, my sweet friend! I will have 10 years to complete those plans, so hopefully I will complete them all.

    lyndylou: Thank you! I may have to do the bungee jump with an IV dripping a sedative in veins, but I am determined- :)

  15. Happy Birthday Shelly. Oh, to be "50" again as my next B/D in March will be 65. As Lyndylou said I loved your plans for your 50's but I would also never try the bungee jumping. Do know though my friend that you are enriching the lives of so many around this world with your blog and the wonderful stories you share with us. You inspire us to be kinder to our bodies and get out of the box we have placed ourselves in. Thank you for that and have the most wonderful week.

  16. Thank you, Odie! Age is relative, I guess. My 25 year old daughter was bemoaning how old she is now, so it must happen at every age. Thank you so much for your kind words- and I hope you and Linda have a wonderful week as well!

  17. Happy birthday, sweetie. :-) I'll be joining you as a newly minted member of the Fffffff-Fffffifty Club in January.


  18. Happy Birthday Shelly! I joined the S-word club my last birthday...and I called it the S word like you called your birthday the F word. Funny how our minds run along similar tracks. I'd trade numbers with you though! I do think getting older gets to be very in what the heck if I'm not going to do or say or try this now when would I?

    Live it up in your fifties I do think the best is yet to come!

  19. Happy Birthday Shelly! As my new blogging friend, I love and appreciate you so much. Your goals for the decade are inspiring me to think positively about my own aging. Turning 40 this year came with a heap of despair, lactose intolerance, an impinged shoulder that wouldn't heal, extra weight, insecurity, gray hair, wrinkles and all kinds of things I don't want to accept. In my forties I want to write a book about risk taking and intimacy, develop new classes and teach them through contract agreements, improve my handmade business and learn how to set goals and make plans that don't end up like so many failed new year's resolutions. I look forward to taking this journey with you as we blog along the way!

  20. Sush: You are so right! The best IS yet to come, whether we are 50 or 60 or 70...

    And, I also agree that as I get older, I care less and less of what others think of me. That's a really good thing that comes with age.

    Great minds think alike, do they not? I count myself in great company with you!

    Kneesandpaws: Thank you so much! You know, I think when I turned 40, I felt more disappointed in myself that I hadn't accomplished the things I thought I would. I was so focused on the end product I was forgetting to enjoy the journey.

    I look forward to reading your book- that's such a needed topic in today's world. You have some terrific goals- I might need to add some more to mine now! I, too, so look forward to taking the journey through this decade with you- we can help each other out!

  21. Pearl: Hop on in! The water's great! I think the 50's are going to be some pretty fine sailing! :)

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Shelly. You are eleven years younger than me. Believe me, it is a fun decade. If you start taking good care of your self - - I mean really good care of your health, you will still look fifty even after eleven years from now. Happy Birthday again, Love -Munir.

  23. Munir: Thank you! And yes, that is my aim, to continue taking very good care of myself because I didn't for so long. Thank you for the great advice, my friend!

  24. My fifties have been very eye opening. I think for the first time I am old enough to accept the change I need to make. So even though they have been hard, they have been wonderful. I can look back and see real growth. Life is good that way

  25. Donna: That is the real definition of success: not that you've never had hard times, but that you've allowed yourself to grow through them. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Happy birthday, my friend!!! You have such a young spirit I would have never guessed. :) I love your list of goals. A full marathon?? Wow. Can't wait to read that post! :)

    In the next decade I'd like to figure out what I want to do when I grow up... I have no idea.

  27. Crystal: I think it's going to be easier for me to do the full marathon than it is to bungee jump, but I am determined! Thank you so much for your kind words. And, I know whatever you do in the next decade, it will be spectacular!

  28. God bless you! I hope you accomplish all your goals.

    Take care and have a nice day :-)

    And thanks for your recent comment on My Blog

  29. Happy birthday, Shelly! I think it is awesome you want to bungee jump, but are you sure??? Okay, you are. Yay! Can't wait to hear more about THAT.

  30. Kelley: Thank you! I even think I am nuts for wanting to do it, but I am determined!

  31. Happy Belated Birthday, Shelly! I apologize for this being late! I hope you had a wonderful day with your family and friends. I also hope your daughter had a great birthday, too! I like your birthday bucket list! One thing that comes to mind for me that I would like to do is take an old fashioned train trip. I/we are going to look into this. Enjoyed your post ♥

  32. Cindy: Thank you so much! It was truly wonderful. An old fashioned train trip sounds wonderful. My parents took one through Copper Canyon in Mexico and LOVED it.


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