Friday, January 20, 2012

These Are A Few Of Your Favorite Things...

I am like a crow. I am drawn to shiny things. In fact, if I were to list my favorite things, bling would be close to the top, whether it be in my jewelry, my clothes, or elsewhere.

Another of my faves are my blogging friends.  In talking with Jenny about round vs. flat characters in writing, I realized I want to have a "round" view of my blogging friends and this will help. I'd like to know what floats your boat and revs your engine.

I blog ad nauseum about myself.  So, today, it's enough about me. What are your favorite things? If you'd be so kind, just hit the comment button and tell us five of your favorite things. If you want to list more than five, feel free. If you aren't feeling too "favored" today, list less. Even if you've never commented here before, I would love to hear from you now.

Come on now, don't be shy!


  1. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are both waaay up there on my list, Shelly! (LOL)

    Seriously, very very seriously, humor would probably top my list of favorite things. I have a sense of humor and I appreciate it in others. There's no time to cry if I'm busy laughing.

    Dogs would be another. I can't look at a dog without loving... and I love to love.

    Unconditional love - not the icky, sticky kind with a rule book and strings attached - just pure, simple, basic love that you can always count on even when you're not feeling particularly worthy of it.

    Music - it's nearly impossible to remain sad and depressed when you're playing your favorite songs good and loud, and singing along and doing a goofy dance!

    Control - Janet Jackson sang about it. I love being in control - not of other people - but of myself. For 30 years I was an out of control drinker, smoker and drug dabbler. For 20 years I have been free of it all and in control. It feels great to be in the driver's seat with both hands on the wheel rather than spinning out of control and running into a ditch.

    There you have it, Shelly. Along with bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens and brown paper packages tied up with strings... these are a few of my favorite things!

    1. Shady: Wow- you have a terrific list of very worthy things! I really like what you said about control. I had my spats of being hugely out of control as a teen, and I hated that feeling. Very wise words indeed.

      I love dogs, too. I worked as a veterinary technician for three years when I was in school and learned so much. There's just nothing like the love of a dog for his human and visa versa.

      I can almost hear you singing your list! Thank you, good friend!

  2. Good reply from our friend Shady there, as we would have expected! He's always so witty, that I shall pale into insignificance beside him! My favourite things (apart from family and friends) are : necklaces and bracelets. I have stacks of them. Handbags : I have stacks of them! Like Shady, I love my music, particularly the oldies of the 60's, photography, certainly reading. I always have a book on the go. Going to the cinema. Walking by the sea - I had better stop there methinks!!

    1. Thisisme: Oh my- I have scads of necklaces and bracelets- really too many! I do love them, though. Purses, the same! I did so enjoy your list- very refreshing and fun, each one of them!

    2. Okey dokey Shelly here goes.

      I'm up there with Shady, I love and appreciate someone with a sense of humor. My husband always makes me laugh and is really fun to banter with.

      Thoughtfulness, I sometimes I think I fall short in this department and I admire those to whom it come naturally.

      Animals in all their varieties I love them all! Horses and dogs rank in the top of my list.

      Purses and coats, I have quite the collection.

      Children, I love children. Does that count, they're really not a thing.

    3. Saimi: I'll have to swipe your list, because it looks very much like what mine would be! I do love children, too. Makes me feel younger to be around them. I'm with you on the purses- but I've got too many now and am having a hard time deciding which ones to part with!

  3. I like chocolate - dogs - my grandson - my home - and God - I don;t know if you mean these kind of things or not... sandie

    1. Sandie: Oh, these are wonderful things! At the very top of mine would be God, too. Sometimes I think I hear chocolate whispering to me, especially when I am on a diet like I am now. :)

  4. Top of my list would be a day in the 60's, green grass, blue sky and walking with Rocky enjoying God's creations.
    I have always enjoyed cooking and sharing what I cook with others.
    Riding down a road I have never been on before taking in new scenery with no worry about where I will end up.
    I love a nap on a Sunday afternoon with Rocky in my lap
    Last but certainly not least is my blog family that I must check on daily or I feel really lost. I laugh when you laugh and feel sad when you are sad and my days are richer because of you.

    1. Odie: I feel like I had a refreshing vacation after reading your list. Such peaceful yet invigorating things. And I'm with you about the blogging family. My days are definitely enriched by all of you. Give Rocky a squeeze for me-

  5. Five of my favorite things? Such pressure, Shelly.
    1 My Savior, Jesus Christ
    2 My spouse whom I call “BBBH” (Beloved Beautiful Better Half) on the blog; but her name is Grace JoAnn, and I call her JoAnn.
    3. My 13 children, 34 grandchildren, 25 great grandkids.
    4 Chewing the fat, and maybe some apple pie with friends.
    5 Coffee; lots and lots of coffee. Black, no sweetener.
    6 Blogging. What wonderful people I have "met" through
    7 Dogs; but our Cookie died last month, just a month short of nineteen years. Too soon to think about another.

    1. vanilla: Your number one is definitely my number one. Can't ask for better than that! I love your BBBH name for your beautiful wife. I need to talk to my hubs about creating a nickname for me like that! 13 kids- amazing! Add to it the grandkids and great grandkids and you are one blessed couple.

      Enjoy your time in sunny South Texas!

  6. Shelly, this is great! Thanks for the mention:) I've enjoyed our conversation so much. This is also a really good way to engage other bloggers.
    Favorite things:

    Friends like you!

    Elliot is sitting right here and he made extra SURE that I was typing his name: ELLIOT.

    And Richard.

    And Emily.

    But things are not people.

    Favorite things (second edition): Libraries. Big old libraries with sunny windows, wooden floors and huge tables. The quiet of the library when rain drips outside, and the smell of old books. The words of great writers. Imagination. The practice of drawing (which I am an amateur). Sewing. The band The Who. I can run for miles when I listen to them on my mp3. A sunny day. Hang gliding (do join me someday!) Kayaking. Hiking in regions without black bears. Christmas. Family gatherings. One of my favorite things is not really a thing at all...its a moment when I'm gifted with an unexpected memory of the past that feels so real I could return to the green grass of my childhood. I love animals and plants and gardening. I love to try to break my own limits. I think I just skipped right past the fifth favorite thing.

    1. Jenny: Gosh, what you wrote about old libraries really evoked memories for me. A piece of heaven on earth, to me. I'm going to have to get really fearless and just do the hang gliding, but I'm like you. I CAN'T do a place with any kind of bears! What luscious things you have on your list. Elliot is so cute- tell him he is one talented kid and we all love to read about him!

      Thank you for bringing such wonderful things to play around in my mind.

  7. Well, who doesn't like to talk about themselves? (that's why we blog, isn't it? (no one to interrupt us!) haha just kidding!


    1-holding a sleeping baby in my arms and kissing them with nonstop kisses--it really is the best thing in the world!

    2- the ocean--I long for the ocean, especially since I live in MN, and no, a lake is not the same.

    3- My International Foods French Vanilla Coffee in the morning, I try not to have it every day, just once in a while, because it is sooooo addictive!

    4-- Going to our Parish's Adoration Chapel, to pray and Thank God for all His tremendous blessings, alone, with no kiddos with me. Just to be with Jesus.

    5--Already? Wow, I realized I have a lot of favorite things!
    OK, I'm going to put the first 5 things that came to my mind, so here goes, and don't laugh....I like Lady Gaga!!! OK, I don't like her necessary, but I like her songs for walking and walking fast, she keeps me moving fast!! (when I'm not post partum)

    That was very fun!!

    1. Jamie Jo! So good to hear from you, as busy as your days are! Oh, I had to take a deep breath at your number one- that is one of life's most delectable treasures, and with one as precious as yours, well how could you ever stop?

      I love all of yours, and I had to laugh very hard at Lady Gaga. I was listening to her songs in exercise class long before I knew what her persona was, and so that was a real eye opener!

  8. It's been fun to read everyone's response to your question. My favorite things besides people are:

    1. Vacations- any kind, anywhere.
    2. The ocean- I wish I lived on a hill overlooking the ocean.
    3. Crossword puzzles- I actually feel excited when I buy a new book.
    4. Reading blogs- I love people and I love finding out what they think and do.
    5. French Vanilla coffee and Coke.

    1. Belle: Gosh- I could get lost in myself if I looked out at the ocean. I know what you mean. There's nothing like it. It's the same, but never the same, no matter how many times you see it.

      And, at one point I was so addicted to crosswords I had to give them up, or risk having to have a crossword intervention!

  9. Oh what a lovely idea! Now let me think on this a second...
    Oceans, lakes and rivers...I'm a water rat.
    Time spent with family and good friends either all at once or individually.
    Sailing with the wind in my face.
    Sitting in the sunshine with a light warm breeze.
    Babies and children tumbling all around and the pure joy of their laughter.

    Fun project, thanks and hugs~

    1. Sush: Mmmm- I love all your water oriented things. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE babies. I think it is a sound straight from the mouth of God when they laugh. Nothing purer on this earth! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  10. 1. My Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. What would my life be without my faith?
    2. My family! My five children and my husband ARE my life and truly, nothing else matters. I also am blessed to have an incredible extended family. My parents, siblings and their spouses are my best friends. Family get-togethers are my favorite activity.
    3. Chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven with a large glass of milk. This will never get old or never be too much. NEVER!
    4. Books, books, books!!! Some of my fav's: Jane Eyre, Lonesome Dove, The Wednesday Wars--I love a good junior high teacher! ;)--, Endurance:Shackleton's Incredible Voyage, The Hunger Games...there are just too many good ones!
    5. High heels. I'm really not that flashy of a dresser, but I LOVE how I feel about myself in heels. The higher the better. I could fill my closet with them, just to try them on and look in the mirror! black lab, Rocky IV, music playing loudly while I cook, basketball, Arrested Development, country dancing, high quality bruschetta, and lists! (That's why I couldn't limit myself to five.)

    1. Nancy: Your number is my number one, too! I love all of yours, especially family. Hey, junior high teachers need lots of love, so thanks!!! I haven't read any of The Hunger Games yet, although my daughter has, and she liked them. I'm going to have to get that. And what girl can do without heels? My motto is also the higher the better!

      Have a terrific weekend with your precious family, my sweet friend!

  11. 1. Talking about myself - I could go on and on and... *getting a grip* Never mind.
    2. Comfy clothes - I hate things I have to fuss with or tug at
    3. Shoes - buying them, wearing them, looking at them, obsessing about them. They are never too tight if you put on 5 pounds.
    4. Spending time with a good girlfriend - or two or three. Not a crowd though. I feel lost in crowds.
    5. Cooking - especially something I've never tried before. I am easily bored with the same old thing. A new recipe is an adventure.
    6. Writing - see #1
    7. Being with my kids - they really know how to make me laugh. And the grandkids. They're awesome and sweet - the best part of our family.
    8. My husband - also goes without saying. He is my favorite indulgence.
    9. The ocean. Especially when there are dolphins swimming. Or if it's in Hawaii.
    10. Music - all kinds. I was trained in classical in piano, but love listening to anything and everything. Lady Gaga? Yes please! Jackson Browne and Jack Johnson - I'm a sucker for clever lyrics and catchy rhythms.
    11. Horses. I've had some good ones. I miss having one now.
    12. Lists. Kind of like this one. They keep me organized and help me think.
    The End

    1. Karen: I adore horses. Although I don't own one now, I've always, always loved them. I, too, enjoy time with my friends. They're a great blessing in my life. How beautiful to be trained in classical piano! I play piano, but not trained classically. And girrrrllll- I could shop for some shoes with you. Love those things. Glad I have two feet so I can buy two shoes at a time.

  12. Dearest Shelly,
    Oh, God!!! Let me think for a while, p;)

    1) the time when my students can figure out my exlanation for grammar of English in their text book.
    2) sweets (haha, I feel like I AM still a girl when it comes to sweets)
    3) the moment I got into bed and relaxed
    4) the time I found the clothes, which fit for my petite size and design I love (reasonable price will be better, haha)
    5) old popular songs maybe in 70's ~ 80's ( I have stocks of them in my pc from you-tube
    oh, thank you for the time for look into my favorite things and loved to read others'

    Love and Lots of Hugs to you, xoxo Miyako*

    1. Dear Miyako: I enjoyed reading your list! I know that feeling when your students finally have that "enlightened" moment and they get it. It's wonderful! And, I was just thinking the other night what a luxurious feeling it is when my head hits the pillow for the night. I agree with you! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  13. A good book
    A good cup of coffee
    A good red wine
    Fried pickles (These may not be my favorite thing, but I'd love some right now.)

    1. Missed Periods: Whoohooo! I LOVE boots. I even did a whole post once about my boots. I have all kinds and all too many of them. We ate at a restaurant yesterday that served fried pickles and a couple near us ordered two servings. The waiter asked what they wanted as their entree, and they said they only wanted the pickles! I will have to try them some day-

  14. God and Jesus Christ and the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. My faith is part of who I am and every decision I make. There have been times in my life when I have wandered from the religion of my childhood. I realize I am far happier when I am true God.

    I love my babies more than myself. WAAAAY more than myself. Doesn't every mother though?

    I love myself. Sometimes I feel as though I am judged harshly by other women or very pious men. But I would never want to change who I am at the core of me.

    My husband. I would have no babies without him. He loves me more than I've ever witnesses a man love a woman.

    Crap TV. The Kardashians have me entranced. A 72 day marriage?! Now THAT'S good TV! I also adore Fashion Police. Joan Rivers is a foul old broad and I can't get enough of her crude humor.

    Boots. High Heels. Clothes.


    Chicken wings. :)

  15. Crystal: There's so much on your list that I love, too. Oh, the boots! The heels- the higher the better! The clothes! In fact, I just put a picture up of my daughter on FB last night modeling her newest pair of boots and said I'd passed the boot loving gene on to her.

    I love that you love yourself. I love me, too. God made each of us, and to not love ourselves would be a travesty against what He's created.

    Spritual and family- at the very top. My must see tv is The Biggest Loser, and some will tell you I am just a little too addicted to it.

    Exercise! What's a day without it? Not very productive.
    Great list!

  16. Ah. Steaks, charcoal-grilled. Suede boots. Laughter. Lilacs and line-dried sheets. Getting a badly needed nap. Margaritas and guacamole - in that order. :-) A sprinkler on a hot day, followed by talcum powder. Good writing. Talent of any kind.



  17. Pearl: Doggone it, you made me drool a little on my keyboard, talking about steaks and guac and all. Oh, and I do love me some line dried sheets. Heaven to go to sleep on. I even thought about turning on the sprinkler this weekend to run through it- we're so warm down here right now.

  18. 1. Hearing my sons' laugh
    2. Time to read a book
    3. Talking to my family, especially my mother & grandmother
    4. Surprising people
    5. KIT-KATS!

  19. Kelley: Great list! I especially like your number 3. Since both my grandmas have passed away now, I especially focus on time and conversations with my mom. And how can you go wrong with KitKats???

  20. I have so many goes:
    1 lifts my spirits and makes life better
    2 Art...painting, crafting, photography, you name it and I love it
    3 Color...I am a total color junkie...the background on your blog jumped right out at me and my mind went "ahhh" when I saw it
    4 Earrings...I am in love with earrings of all kinds and have quite a sentimental selection
    5 Starbucks Tazo Chai Latte, Venti of course...although I have now lost 21 pounds, I miss those venti chai lattes, and only get one rarely now...

  21. cath: Oh, how I love to laugh! I don't hold back, either, I really can hee haw if something strikes me funny. Earrings are a passion of mine, as well. I don't go anywhere without them, even if I am just going to work out. They are a lot of fun to wear, too!

  22. hi shelly! oh i love so much about my life. *lol*

    five things ... (other than my kids & mr. wonderful)

    1) anything pink and/or sparkly - the more the better
    2) my tiara collection
    3) the craft room/loft that mr. wonderful made me for christmas
    4) toddlers and tiaras (a guilty pleasure)
    5) making lists

  23. Just me: Can I say I lovelovelove your number 2? How cool is that??!! And, I'm a little shame faced to admit I do watch Toddlers and Tiaras on occaision with my daughter. I also love anything pink and sparkly. The moreso, the better!


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