Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Am I Crazy/ Nuts/Psycho Exerciser?

Just before my school board meeting started last night, a fellow trustee asked me, "What did you do for your workout today?'

I told her I'd done my running that morning while wearing a weight vest and it had been very hot (the heat index was well over 100 here yesterday). She asked me about the bootcamp part of my workout I've been doing  (Bootcamp Workout). I told her I'd had to do that in the peak heat of the afternoon because of the early school board meeting.

She proceeded to tell everyone there that I was crazy for the way I work out (I am very careful and stay plenty hydrated) and that I am a psycho exerciser.

During the school year, I host Insanity workouts in my classroom after school for teachers and administrators. I'm also part of a small teacher running group at school. Even over the intercom, my district's superintendent has called me the exercise nazi. Others have told me I am nuts because I faithfully workout 6 days a week, rain or shine, feeling well or not.

The names don't bother me too much, but sometimes I wonder if I am too fanatical about it. I've written in an earlier blog how I've lost a massive amount of weight; in fact, I've lost more than I weigh now. Heavy exercise has been a major tool in my arsenal against fat.

I worry that if I let up at all, the fat woman who is chasing me (my former self) will catch me and wrap me up in her embrace once again.

It's a miracle, having had two knee surgeries and a back surgery as well as the morbid obesity that plagued me for over a decade, that I am able to exercise at this level.

I have no intention of going back to my old self. If that means exercising like a fool, so be it.

I am not addicted to exercise (well, maybe I am a little), but I wouldn't do it in a way that is harmful to my body. I feel strongly that most of us can do harder things physically than what we ever ask our bodies to do.

Is there ever a time to ease up on exercise and remain fit? I don't have the answer to that right now. What do you think?

IMPORTANT: If you are battling obesity or have never exercised and are wanting to start, please check with your dr. and have him/ her help you set up a fitness plan.


  1. I think it's wonderful. You don't ever want to go back to the body you lived in and you're making sure you don't!


  2. Thanks, Pearl! It's great to have validation!

  3. I think you should be congratulated on what you have accomplished. I wish I had that drive, but you have actually given me some hope. I know I need to exercise more, but I need to get real serious about it. You are a good example for me. I need to lose about 40-50 pounds.
    People who call names are not being very nice. They are probably jealous.

  4. Thanks, Belle. I didn't have that drive for a long time, but once I took that first, difficult step into fitness, the rest became just a little easier. You can do it- I know you can!


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