Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Dreamed of Carbs

I'm always interested in dreams. I believe they can be our subconscious talking to us while we are in a relaxed state, I believe they are sometimes God talking to us, and I believe they are nearly always an extension of our lives that our busy minds just cannot get into while awake.

We had a talk about this at a family dinner yesterday. My mom had dreamed a scary being was chasing her. My dad dreamed of long departed, yet greatly loved relatives. One of my sisters dreamed she had won a race. One of my daughters dreamed of solving a difficult math problem. My sweet Mr. Tejano dreamed of me.

Nothing scary or poignant or romantic for me. I dreamed of carbs. Not just the night prior, but for several nights recently. One dream had me cooking French toast with thick slices of bread the size of textbooks. Another dream had me rolling myself up in a warm, homemade flour tortilla on a frigid day. A partial snatch of another dream I remember had me giving out butter laden, flaky biscuits in my classroom.

I restrict myself from many simple (bad) carbs in daily life, and in fact I haven't had  bread, tortillas, or biscuits in three years, since I began losing weight. Maybe that's why they are showing up in my dreams, because all parts of me are screaming for them.

What about you? What have been some of your memorable dreams lately? What significance, if any, do you think they hold for you?


  1. Good morning Shelly,
    My dreams are usually about travels getting away from my life as I know it. Sometimes it is so real it gives me a fright.
    Hope you have a great rest of your Sunday.

  2. Hi Odie: Your dreams sound much more exicting than mine. I am tired of dreaming about food, espcially when I can't eat it! Hope your Father's Day is great!


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