Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Secrets of the Women's Restroom

"Oh my gosh! I can't BELIEVE you are making me come in here!" the little boy wailed at his mom as she pulled him by the hand into the restroom of the restaurant.

My husband and I had met some of our friends for lunch at a nice Greek restaurant and when the women excused ourselves to go to the bathroom this is the scene that unfolded before us.

The boy looked to be about seven. He carried on a running lament to his mother as she hurried into the stall and he froze into place outside near the sinks where I was waiting for my friends.

"I will just be a minute," she told him. "I can't leave you all alone at the table in such a busy restaurant. Do not move, be patient, and I will be right out," she finished.

I didn't face him directly, but I could see him behind me in the mirror. He had his hands clasped over his eyes as he leaned uncomfortably against the wall.

"Mom, I am a man! Why did you make me come into the ladies' bathroom! It's not right!" he complained loudly. His mother made no answer from inside the stall.

One of my friends exited and joined me at the mirror. I reached into my bag to apply some lipstick.

"I'm dying in here, mom! How could you do this to me?" he continued. My friend smiled covertly at me at his antics and reached in to her purse for a spritz of perfume. As she sprayed her wrist, he yelped. "Torture, mom, torture!" I noticed his hands had slipped down from his face, and although he wouldn't make eye contact with us via the mirror, he was looking around at his surroundings.

This was a nicely outfitted restroom with a plush sofa, a matching chaise lounge, a table in front of them, and lush decorative touches all around. The table held lotion, mints, and magazines.The owners had obviously taken care to make sure this would be a welcoming place for women. It even had small tv screens in each stall, with news programs running on them.

Our third friend joined us at the mirror and raised her eyebrows at us at the sight of our little visitor. By now he had plopped himself down on the sofa and raided the bowl of mints on the table. As my friend washed her hands, the boy's mom made her way out and over to the sinks. He wandered over and peeked into a stall when he thought no one was looking.

"Mom, Mom, did you know there's a tv in here?" he asked excitedly.

"Yes," she laughed.

"I've never seen a boy's bathroom that has all this stuff. Why do girls get the good stuff and we get just regular things in ours?"

"I don't know," she answered with a smile. "Maybe that's something you can ask your dad when he gets here in a little bit."

He walked over and put more mints into his pocket. He pumped out some lotion onto his hands and smelled it, wiped it off and ran his fingers over the soft fabric of the sofa.  He played with the handles on a vending machine near the door. "T-A-M... Mom, can you give me a quarter for this? I want to see what comes out."

"No," she answered. "You don't need what's in that machine."

Our final friend was drying her hands. "Mom, you won't tell anyone you brought me in here, will you? Not even your friends, not even Grandma?" he directed.

"Cross my heart, " she promised.

He pulled her down a little closer to him, and although we were already on our way out the door, we heard him whisper loudly to her. "Mom, it's OK if you bring me in here again. Hey, mom, I think I WILL come back in here with you again, you know, just to be sure you're OK and everything. Alright?"

Her soft chuckle was the last thing we heard as the door closed behind us.


  1. This bathroom was indeed plush, Shelly! TVs in the stalls? I can just see the TVs in the stalls keeping some women "stalling" longer than necessary. These TVs must be a new trend.

    Thanks, Shelly, for enlightening us on one of the newest secrets in the women's restroom.

    (Hope the TV does not have some kind of two-way vision technology ... I know, I am a worry wart):~D

  2. Cindy: I have NEVER seen tv's in bathroom stalls at any other place but this one. It's fairly new, so maybe it's a new trend coming. I'm like you- I was a little suspicious of them, too. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Interesting long do they think you will be in there?

    It is always a hard thing to have to bring the boy in with us ladies....Now, I try to have him check the men's room first and if no one is in there, he can go--quickly. What a good mama she was though, huh?

    We have a Greek restaurant in our town and it is very fancy we only go on our Anniversary fancy!! Not sure about the bathrooms though, I'll have to check it out!

    (great food though)

  4. I remember those days (not the plush surroundings, but having to take my young son into the bathroom with me). So glad this young man all in all thought it wasn't that bad of an experience :)

    hope you have a great rest of the day!


  5. Jamie: I know- I thought exactly that- are we supposed to spend the evening in the bathroom? Ha- although that little boy didn't think it was so bad once he saw the tv's in there. This one is pretty fancy, too- and that's about the only Greek restaurant I've been too. I wonder if they are all like that!

    Betty: He sure changed his tune about being in the ladies' room once he saw the tv's. I hope he doesn't think they all have them. Have a terrific Sunday, too!

  6. My mother did the same thing with me, Shelly - insisting that I go along into the ladies' room with her. When I got to age 42 I said ENOUGH!

    TV in the restroom stalls? That's nothing! Back in the day at the Shady Dell each men's room stall had its own home theater system, wet bar, sushi chef, bowling lanes and Olympic size swimming pool! (Oh, and a complimentary bowl of beer nuts!) Seriously, I never heard of TV in the stalls of a restroom. Now I know why it takes women so long to come back from the little girls' room. They're in there watching Desperate Housewives! (LOL)

  7. LOL great storytelling :)

    I never get the whole shock horror gender think for the bathroom theres on a door on the stall!!!! weird. its only recent history this segregated bathroom thing. I purchased at an antique shop once what I thought was a gravy boat. It wasnt, it was a discreet female urinal that was used at the banquet table!!!!

  8. I love listening to and watching children. They live in an interesting world. I'm glad he got over feeling bad about being in the ladies room. I used to take my grandsons in with me too as I didn't trust the men's room and I couldn't just leave them alone somewhere.

  9. Shady: I ALMOST spewed the water from my mouth out onto the screen when I read your comment! Tooo funny! And don't try to make us jealous with descriptions of wonderful men's rooms. Ladies' rooms will always be nicer! (Although you're right- too nice and we would never come out)

  10. IWASNTBLOGGEDYESTERDAY: OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I'm so glad you didn't use it as a gravy boat- but good grief- those ladies back then could just get up and go to the outhouse? Wow- right there at the table- I'm so glad I was born in this time and not back then!

    Belle: I'm with you- it's better fot the little boys to endure some embarrassment than to be let loose unattended in a men's room. Just too much that's not safe these days, unfortunately.

  11. Wow, in the ladies room! I'm not quite sure who spends enough time in there to enjoy it, but I guess if you have a bad date it could be a way to while away the time, lol!
    As a Mom of four boys I've had my days of bringing one or two with me when nature called. They were mortified, but like Belle I feel like it's better to be safe than sorry!

    I love that he was looking forward to a return trip by the time his time was up!


  12. Sush: Those tv's still seem out of place to me, and I know they must have cost plenty. Too each his own! I felt for the little boy, but you're right- it's way better to be safe in situations like that.

  13. Oh, Shelly (this is Orchid)
    What a GORGEOUS rest room! Greek restaurant.....
    I wish I could be with you to see the place.
    Well, poor boy; but I kind of Jealous who could have experience raising boy like Sush said, again I wish I could♬♬♬ Haha, out of line here.
    I always enjoy the way you write Engish introducing thing to us, thank you very much.
    Love and Lots of Hugs to you, Orchid*

  14. Orchid: It was worth the price of the meal just to see the bathroom. Wow! I only have daughters, so I don't know what it's like, either, to have to drag a son into the restroom with me. Thank you, sweet friend, Orchid!

  15. Haha! What a cute post! I still take my boy in the lady's with me. He's eight. He has never made such a fuss as this boy. He just accepts his fate with a sigh. The kid in question is hilarious!

  16. Crystal: It was so funny because it was like it offended his manhood that he had to come in, and then he ended up liking it. I'm glad your boy doesn't mind so much- it's the only solution to be safe these days.

  17. What a darling little boy. First he doesn't like going in ladies room, then looks around, kind of likes it, then actually wants to come in again some how. Now that is a typical kid. Natural and still wanting to abide by the rules set up by society. Wow !
    Thank you for reading my poem. It means a lot to me that you liked it as you are an teacher and take care of today's kids in a way not too many people do. Hi, this is Munir over here at Focus.

  18. Munir: He was so funny- I wish I could have heard more of his conversation with his mother. And, I enjoyed reading your poem. I enjoy reading poetry and teaching it, but I'm not talented at writing it. Keep it up!

  19. Too funny, Shelly.

    Luckily, I didn't have any money when the boy was small, so he knows not the luxurious ways of the upscale women's bathroom!


  20. Pearl: I think I'd rather have a cheaper meal and a less luxurious bathroom. That poor little boy, though- he was so offended at first about being in there-

  21. That is so funny! That sounds like something my 7-year-old son would do. By the way, that REALLY must be a nice Greek restaurant. Wow! TVs in the stalls??

  22. Kelley: Yes- I think they're there free for the owners because of the frequent ads the tv company runs during the newscasts. Little boys are so funny!

  23. We never imagined a child this age could feel like this little boy does. I watched a father take his little girl about three years of age to the ladies toilet at a busy airport yesterday. He waited for her outside. Now that terrifies me!!! The mother was busy having a drink and looking at herself in the mirrow. Little ones need protecting at all times.

  24. CRystal Mary: He was pretty adamant he didn't want to be in there until he saw those tv's. You are so right- the safety of the little ones is paramount, especially in this day and age.

  25. That was so adorable. I always took my son's in the bathroom with me (when I had to), so this brings back lot of memories :)

  26. LC: It really was a cute thing to watch, but I'm sure the little boy didn't think so!

  27. Shelly your stories are amazing! I think I need to get out more and observe people in everyday situations. I've faced that dilemma with my son but he's never seemed to mind going in. Even without TV's and mints;) Thank you for the great comment on my blog today...I think you're amazing.

  28. Jenney: Thank you so much for your kind words. You're pretty amazing yourself, you know! :)


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