Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Mice Who Fell From the Sky

The dream always begins the same. I am on a steeply inclined road, laboring to ascend. It gets harder and harder to scale, and as I move upwards, the sun quickly sets and leaves me in near darkness. I feel movement on the ground, although I cannot see what it is. The movement continues up onto my feet and climbs up my legs. I pull something off and reel in horror as I meet its beady eyed stare. They are mice, columns and hordes and undulating masses of gray, naked tailed mice. They begin to rain down on me from the sky, and I startle myself awake.

I've never thought this nightmare was prescient, but I am considering changing my mind.

Last month, I was with my class in the workroom area of our main building, built as part of FDR's New Deal in the 1930's. It is full of character, but also full of little holes in the ceilings and baseboards. We were picking up some supplies to take back to our room when I heard a scratching, scattering sound from above. A dark, furry blob dropped from a small hole in the ceiling and a mouse exploded to life on the counter in front of me. Like a spinning top on jet fuel, it zipped willy nilly up and down and all around. My students told me later the mouse scaled the wall  back up to the little hole it dropped out of and disappeared. I was not there to witness it as I was already running down the hall faster than I ever imagined I could in heels.

Two days ago, I stepped out of my building. The wind blew gustily and I was glad I was wearing warm boots. Something no less than the goodness of God made me pause at the top of the steps. A dark object plummeted millimeters past my nose and plopped to the ground between my boot toes. It didn't move, which made me think for a moment it was a rock or something that had blown off the roof of the building. That idea was dispelled, though, when the little MOUSE picked it self up, did a woozy little circle between my feet and scooted off into a hole under the steps. The last part, though, I could not verify from my new vantage point atop the highest stair railing.

I hope to dream of Manolo Blahnik shoes tonight. Because, well, you know, if the things in  my dreams are going to be dropping on me from the skies...


  1. Pray for rain, Shelly. If it rains cats and dogs they can chase away the mice! :) I love Dell rats but I find wild, scurrying mice rather unnerving. Strangely enough the last time I remember seeing a mouse in the house was in the early 90s when I lived in a condo across town. I'm happy to report that I haven't seen mice or any "signs" of them inside or even outside our house since we moved here 15 years ago.

    Armadillos? Yes.
    Spiders? Yes.
    Snakes? Yes.
    Scorpions? Yes! I got stung by one!

  2. Whatever they pay you, it is not enough!
    My only thought is to cqrry an umbrella around!!
    I just couldn't bare to have those creatures falling from the ceiling!!

  3. Shady: Oh, they are terrible! Here, when they start plowing the fields is when they get really bad. Of your list, we have them all here, too. The snakes and the mice are the two I DETEST.

    The only rodents I like are the Dell Rats! Let's hope all the other kinds stay away, good friend!

  4. Sweet Tea: I really like the umbrella idea! It's bad enough to have them running at your feet, but falling from above you is a whole other horror.

  5. You're going to think I'm making this up, Shelly, but I swear it's true. I was just outside walking my dog and saw a cat chase a mouse across the road! Honestly! It's my first mouse sighting since the early 90s! (LOL)

  6. Right! Shoes would be better. Ew, ew, ew! I am sorry about those yucky mice. Sweet dreams tonight!

  7. Shady: Oh no! They're coming out of hiding! Ha! I really do hope the cat caught it- that's the only good place for a mouse- is the inside of a cat. watch your step, my friend!

  8. Kelley: Anything would be better than mice!

  9. Oh my goodness, I do hope you don't dream about mice tonight! That building must be riddled with the little things. I would go with the idea of keeping an umbrella up all the time!

  10. Thisisme: I shudder to think how many there actually are under and over us!


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