Monday, October 17, 2011

Burning Questions

Here are some questions that have been rolling around in my head.

1. Why do baseball coaches wear baseball uniforms? Football coaches don't wear football uniforms and basketball coaches don't wear basketball uniforms. That polyester blend they make the baseball uniforms out of is unforgiving on figures that haven't played the sport or even exercised in years.

2. Why do folks in the limelight (i.e. politicians) think their indiscretions will be forever hidden from the public? I still can't fathom what is going through their minds when they are doing some of the things they are doing and not thinking that it will ever get out into the public.

3. Why are movie theaters usually so cold? Theater goers don't want to have to purchase arctic fleece just to watch a movie.

4. Why do some people try to hide behind the cloak of anonymity if they have a negative comment or opinion about someone, especially in blogland? I had an anonymous commenter on my last post who obviously doesn't know me, but preferred to keep their negative comment shrouded in the anonymity of its author. The same for the anonymous emails I received earlier that ridiculed the way I looked in a picture I posted when I blogged about losing a great deal of weight. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but be strong enough to take ownership of your opinion, especially if you're going to say something that's not nice.

5. Why do slow drivers invariably think blocking the left lane is an OK thing to do? Driving slowly on a highway while riding parallel to another slow moving car will only enhance the blood pressure of all the drivers behind you.

6. Why do so many younger guys think that showing a large part of their underwear and wearing the waistband  of their pants at the tops of their thighs makes them look attractive? One word- ewwwww.

7. What is something extra special I can do to surprise my oldest daughter when she comes home in a few weeks to celebrate her quarter century birthday? She's savvy to most of my tricks, so it will be hard to pull something over on her, but I really want this one to be extra special.

If you have the answers to any of these questions, or just want to share burning questions of your own, please feel free!


  1. #1 - I dunno, Shelly, but I love to watch baseball coaches imitate their players by spitting tobacco juice and adjusting their junk! Or is that the signal to steal second?

    #2 - By this time many politicians probably think it's EXPECTED of them to have extramarital flings with pornstars, etc. It's a long standing tradition that must be upheld! It reminds me of a joke I heard recently.

    Reporter: What were you thinking to let yourself get romantically involved with somebody in such a sleazy profession?
    Pornstar: I don't know.

    #3 - I agree. I always take a jacket along to a theater no matter what season of the year. Another pet peeve is that they usually play the movie extremely loud. For that reason I always take along ear plugs.

    #6 - Younger guys tend to aggravate me with all of their showing-off. I was watching The Price is Right the other day and a young male contestant bear hugged Drew Carey, picked him up and spun around in a circle several times just to prove how strong he is. Other young men perform gymnastics, break dances and other such jackass antics when they get up on stage as well as spinning the wheel so hard that it takes a half hour for it to stop on a number. Young guys also adjust their junk a lot, even if they don't play baseball.

    #7 - I can't answer this. If I do your daughter could read it and it would ruin the surprise! (LOL)

  2. Shady: Oh, I laughed hard at your #2- so true!
    Ha! And maybe that is a signal to steal that we are misreading. They should remember they are on national TV and everyone's watching them- no telling when the camera will be on them. I detest the fashion craze that is saggy pants with underwear showing. Those younger guys seem to be willing to do anything for some attention! Thank you for stopping by, my friend!

  3. Well, since Shady didn't answer #4 and #5 I'll try:

    4. Well, people who leave anonymous rude comments are wusses. They stand for nothing and have no backbone. Even though, it's anonymous, it still hurts, right Shelly? I'm sorry that happened to you. (it's happened to all of us and we try to analyze it and even though it's anonymous and doesn't matter, we still take it to heart.)

    5. Because they are probably drunk and don't realize they are going slow. They are trying so very carefully to stay within the lines. My advice is get away from them as fast as you can.

    6. Wow....How fun!! Take her to her favorite restaurant and out for a walk, or take her to a spa or something like that, but do something together, "mama time" is the most important part of it and all she'll care about!

  4. Jamie: I love your #6- and that will be the best present for me, too, since my birthday is the day after hers. As for the negative anonymous people, I am glad they are outnumbered in our blogging world. It sounds like their world is seriously lacking in good and pleasant things, so they behave as they do.

    You are so sweet- thank you!

  5. Shelly, I would just second Jamie Jo's suggestion on #7, especially since you and your daughter are both having a birthday! Doing something nice for yourselves together is the best birthday celebration I can imagine!

    I, too, am amazed at the arrogance of political figures who think they'll never be found out. That might have been true -- with the cooperation of the press -- in the Kennedy era, but not now! My husband and I were talking about the fact that there MUST be smart, competent, experienced people in this country who would be better presidential candidates than the ones currently offered and came to the conclusion that few people -- except the deluded -- would care to put themselves under the scrutiny that candidates experience today.

  6. Hmmm, funny I've asked myself those very questions! Especially about the saggy bottom boy britches seriously, how can they even think that's attractive!

  7. All I can say is amen, sister - AMEN. As far as your daughter and her birthday, I'm going to echo everyone else and say a spa day for the two of you. I like to do that with my daughter/daughter in laws when I get a change. Pedicures, facials, massage - whatever you both enjoy! It's great, relaxing girl time.

  8. Dr. Kathy: I think that's what it is- few people want to put themselves under the intense scrutiny of public office. And yes, I am so looking forward to her visit I might just have to do a little happy dance now!

    Saime: And moreso, how can any girls possibly think that droopy drawers look is attractive? Yuck!

    Karen: Ahhhhh! That does sound like the perfect day to me!!! :)

  9. #2. I think men's sex drive is a lot stronger than anything else in their lives. That is the only way I can understand why they risk Everything for sex.

    #3. When I went to movies I always brought a heavy sweater. One time I bought a quilt for myself and my two grandsons!

    #4. I had to turn off permission for anonymous people to comment after getting two nasty comments. I don't know what is wrong with these people except they are perhaps bitter and angry at the world.

    #6. I also like the idea of a spa visit. I had a facial once and it was heaven!

    I would like to know why pedestrians walk out onto a road without looking, especially at night and they are wearing dark clothing.

  10. Belle: I love your answers and I really love your burning question! I've thought the same thing. In fact, I came way too close to a woman powerwalking in the street at night. She was wearing dark clothing, too. I thought she must have pretty strong faith to powerwalk in the road at night. I'm not that brave!

  11. I wonder the same things, LOL, for a lot of those questions. Good luck trying to do something special for your daughter's special birthday; I'm not good at planning surprises or other such things. As far as the anonymous commenter, I don't know why people do that. They wouldn't like it if someone left a comment or email like they did to you on their blog or their email, but yet "enjoy" doing it to other people. Almost got to feel sorry for them if they feel they have to act like that.

    Agree with you about movie theaters; I've brought a sweater or jacket to watch a movie when it was over 100 degrees outside.

    Good thought provoking quetions indeed to ponder why :)


  12. Some questions have no answer and all of yours qualify except the last one. A stripper is always a surprise! (just kidding!)

  13. betty: Yes, you are right- those anonymous commenters have a long ways to go. They do have my pity. Thank you fo stopping by!

    bettyl: Oh, you made me laugh!

  14. This is great! I think we agree on just about everything!

  15. Kelley: It's that Texas thing!

  16. Great questions! Going to the movies alone is one of my favorite treats. I always make sure to take a heavy sweater with me though. It's sorta cozy that way...

    And limelight people are silly to try to hide bad behavior. Of course they will be found out.

    ANYONE trying to hide bad behavior will eventually be found out.

  17. Crystal: They are completely deluded to think bad behavior will remain hidden. It always comes to light, always.

  18. I would love to tell you something special for your daughter..but perhaps its getting cooler where you live? What about a hot air balloon ride? When my hubby turned sixty we were outback. I sent him up in a light aircraft over the Bungle bungles... they are magnificent. One place I have always found cold is the operating theatre and labour ward, probably for germ protection.


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