Friday, September 16, 2011

Feathers and Fashionistas

We have one chick left in the nest, Teenaged Daughter. She's a great girl and a wonderful daughter. Here she is:

She is 15 and has impeccable fashion sense. She and I love to shop together and having her with me is like having my own personal stylist, because she always helps me find what looks best. She is also talented with hair and makeup. Her friends don't call her The Fashionista for nothing.

My Older Daughter (who doesn't yet want me blogging about her) looks so much like Teenaged Daughter they could be twins, but she has a very bohemian fashion sense. She loves to shop vintage shops and also delights in taking apart clothes and resewing them to fit her fashion tastes. She is a free spirit and wildly creative. She still gave me big kisses on the cheek when I was dropping her off at high school, no matter who was looking. I don't know that she's ever been red-faced at anything in her life.

Teenaged Daughter, on the other hand, lives in abject fear that my husband and I are going to embarrass her in some way in public. I don't know why, as we are always the models of decorum around her and her friends. Actually, I could probably even teach seminars on how to parent teenagers without ever bringing them to any level of embarrassment, as detailed in this earlier post: How Not To Mortify Your Teenager .

When weaving feathers into the hair came out earlier this year, Teenaged Daughter had it done right away. It's been a sensation in our area and is still gaining steam. When I half jokingly told her I was going to get some, she grabbed my hand, looked directly in my eyes, and said, "Mom, no. Remember The Rule."

In our family, my girls and I abide by the rule Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should. I knew it was her way of telling me I was a little too ahem...cough... cough... OLD  for the feathers. It's been my standing joke with her that I'm going to get it done and pop in on her at school, when she least expects it.

What she doesn't know is today there is a fundraiser nearby. Women (and men, I suppose) can get pink feathers in their hair and all proceeds go to fund breast cancer research. I am getting it done this afternoon. I may even get more than one. I will go straight from that to pick up Teenaged Daughter and her friends and drop them off at a football game. I'm already chuckling a little at what her reaction will be, although I don't think I'm being mean. I think life is best lived when not all moments are planned. A little of the unexpected adds so much flavor.

We'll see, though, what Teenaged Daughter thinks of the feather flavor I'll be adding to her life today...


  1. Oh I love the little joke you are playing on Teenaged Daughter. Please let us know how badly she freaks out. She is so beautiful and honestly, looking at pictures of you I can see why she is pretty. How wonderful you like to shop together. My girls and I used to like shopping too. We kind of got tired of it now that they are becoming old bags like me. My granddaughter Cherish buys all vintage clothes too. Aren't children and grandchildren interesting?

  2. Belle: They truly make life full and rich! you are so sweet. I will let you know what the outcome is, although I think I already know!

  3. Hee Hee! You are a naughty, mischievous mum!! Wonder what the teenage daughter will say. She'll probably die!!

  4. Thisisme: I just almost can't sit still waiting to see what her reaction is going to be! She really will probably die on spot. That's what moms are for!

  5. I love the devious side of you!! There's always a reason for what you do. It's great!

    Your daughter is so beautiful, just like her mama!
    You gotta keep tight reigns on her, she definitely does not look 15. More like 17 or 18!

    I am always amazed at the differences in kids, it's really remarkable how different God makes each child with such strong and different personalities.

  6. Jamie: It's what makes parenting fun! You are so kind- and yes, we keep eagle eyes on her! I do love how two people who look so much alike can have such different personalities. God made us each so uniquely-

  7. Good luck with that pink feathers in your hair plan, dear Shelly. I think you're gonna need it! :) Ahhh, mothers and daughters... mothers and daughters. I clicked and read your June post. It seems to me that your daughter's protests are good-natured and that she is merely establishing boundaries to keep you and your husband from crossing the line to such an extent that it truly humiliates her. To her credit she doesn't seem to mind you blogging about her. We need to understand what today's teenagers are up against. Thanks to modern technology they can have their reputations trashed in a matter of seconds, not just all over school but around the world. It happened to my own granddaughter recently. A former friend-turned-mean-girl hacked into her Facebook and email accounts and sent out inflammatory mass mailings supposedly from my granddaughter. It required weeks of damage control and a police investigation to put out the fires.

    I think it's interesting how your daughters are so different from each other. My brother is ten years older and he and I couldn't be more different. The running joke is that I bear a striking resemblance to our milkman!

  8. Shady: Ha! I might just need it, at that! I think all her friends will love it, although it's highly likely she won't.

    That is simply awful what happened to your grandaughter. The internet can be a powerful force for good, but in immature hands, it can also do great damage. I'm so sorry she had to go through that. I do hope it's completely cleared up- bless her heart.

    I"m sure you don't have a milkman in your heritage! Ha! But my two are nine years apart. I wonder if it also has to do with how many years apart kids are and the oldest/ youngest aspect.

    Have a great weekend, my good friend!

  9. Cool that the feathers will benefit such a worthy cause! I'm sure after she gets over the shock, and finds out why you had it done, she'll be very supportive of the feathers!


  10. That corgi: It is a very worthy cause. I'm getting antsy because I can't wait to see the reaction!

  11. You are a naughty mother! I didn't realize the feather thing was a thing. Last week at my brother's, my sister in law had the thinnest little feather woven into her hair. It kind of blended into her hair, but now and then you could see the pattern on the feather. It was pretty. And she's 50+. But it wasn't pink.

  12. Karen: I'm glad your sister in law has one! I'm still fortysomething, and it was so much fun! It was a priceless afternoon. Sometimes it's fun to act like a kid with your kid.

  13. I can't wait to have kids just so I can embarrass them. You should wear a feather headdress when you pick her up.

    She's super cute, by the way.

  14. Missed Periods: It is one of the great rewards of parenting. Thank you!

  15. I have to tune in quick before I leave for soccer (that lasts all morning!) to say that it has nothing to do with the age difference--my first 2 daughters are complete opposites, from favorite colors to fanciness and practicality. IN fact the way you describe your daughters, I thought of my 2 oldest except that the oldest is the fashion girl and the younger one would be the Bohemian style gal. Very interesting!

    You know we all want a picture of the pink hair, right?

  16. i did the same thing - except dyed part of the underneath of my hair bright pink. i am doing it again as a reward for weight loss. *lol* my dh was more embarassed than the kids. but i LOVED it!

    so - what was her reaction? and yeah, we want a picture. :)

    ~ jannet

  17. Jamie: It's still something of a marvel to me that two kids raised by the same parents in the same house can be so different. What would you consider yourself more of- the bohemian or the fashionista? Both my girls say they got their style from me, but I don't know how two such extremes could come from one person!

    As far as pics, I already took them out! I have a baby shower today and then we are going to a dinner tonight and I wasn't brave enough to leave them in. I am going to do it again, though-

    Jannet: You rock, girl! My husband just kind of looked at me with them and raised his eyebrows. My daughter was completely shocked, but her friends were raving about them so she really couldn't say too much. Afterwards, she grudgingly said they turned out better than she thought they might have. Maybe I should try the dye next time!

  18. Your daughter is gorgeous! I love that you planned to embarrass her. And it's for a good cause so she can't be TOO terribly upset!

    My girls have not started giving me fashion rules... yet. I can see it coming in the near future. I may be coming to you for advice...

  19. Crystal: Thank you! Yes, your day is coming, and since you have more than one daughter, you could very well have three different sets of fashion rules. In the end, to thine own self be true!

  20. You sound like a fun Mom. As long as there are no hearts broken and no misunderstanding, hey we only live once.

  21. Munir: She ended up thinking it was pretty funny after it was all said and done-


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